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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Jonathan Hay wrote: View Post
Notice served.
I like you post. LOL
Aikido practice in good spirit must be well balanced. Doesn't matter you practice with 6th dan or 6 kyu. I other words, if someone shut down your technique, you must do exactly the same to him, not more, not less. It is not you problem if he can handle your response or not.

When I was young and beatiful, I learned that way many most important things. It is very natural for un aikidoka to be able to reestablish good balance. O sensei did it many times, shihans also -- even if was perceived as contrary to aikido "philosophy"

In the other hand, if aikido should lead you to create the rightest response spontanously, I'm a bit surprised after 20 years you have some doubts how to react in such simple situation.


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