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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

My dad says, "if you learn from mistakes, even an idiot can teach you something." It's a shame conduct is not better in seminars, but at least the guy was trying to help you. I have also seen yudansha injure students trying to to correct their aikido. If I pay money to attend a seminar, it's because I feel the seminar instructor is worth the money. I don't like my seminar time dominated by someone else trying to peddle their aikido. I look for a partner who can help me figure out what the instructor demonstrates. As a partner, I view my job is to help my partner figure out what the instructor demonstrates.

Sometimes we get stuck with people who do not view training the same way and we are trapped for minutes of our life. Be polite, thank him (or her) for his (or her) assistance and find someone else with whom to train. If everyone reacted to poor partners in this manner, bad uke would become sore spots on the mat that could be identified from miles away - they would not have a partner with whom to train.
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