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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Ahmed Altalib wrote: View Post
I would rather work so hard on my Aikido to the extent where I am mentally comfortable with its application against any one including BJJ'ers and if I am ever taken down then there is a problem with my dedication and understanding and I need to work on it even harder.
I really admire this approach Ahmed. I think what you have said above is critical to developing a serious martial art/science out of ones Aikido training. Done correctly one gets results many Aikidoka may never experience in the area of the art's "jutsu" aspects. It doesn't have to take a lifetime to learn either. Go for it.

Like I said before however if one doesn't have this sort of dedication towards understanding the practical depths of Aikido then you can't go wrong in studying BJJ or a similar method in learning how to deal with it. It comes down to the individual once again imho. However there is no "technique" one can apply to neutralize BJJ or any other method for that matter. It's all principles and how well you understand and apply them imho.


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