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Re: Frustration about testing

David Paul DeIuliis wrote: View Post
Even more discouraging is the fact that the next test offered wont be until the end of the year. So--by the time I have 3 and half years of experience I will be eligible to test for the lowest possible rank. It kind of makes me wonder if I should continue here, find a new dojo,
Jumping around from dojo to dojo won't help. You'll always be the new guy. New folks with previous experience show up at my dojo and I wait to see what commitment they make to the dojo. If they are there consistently for six months or so I start to think they may actually stay. After that I start thinking about how to take care of them over the longer run.

stop altogether
Well, if your reason for training is about moving up in rank, you won't go the distance anyway... you'll either quit at the standard 1st Kyu crisis when you realize that continuing to train will result in some changes you don't want to make or you will stick it out just long enough to get that Shodan certificate and then quit (you'd be in good company since 90% of the students that make it that far don't make it to nidan). Why go through all the effort to get to a place at which it is now worth the time for the Shihan level folks to start to take notice of you when you are going to stop there? Quit now and find something you REALLY want to do, something you are really passionate about. If it's about the rank, just save yourself the trouble.

or perhaps just continue to train and simply not worry about testing at all--if ever.
This is a pretty negative phrasing... Why not continue to train joyfully and passionately and simply let the testing happen when it does? If it's Aikido you care about, the other things take care of themselves. Be the best damned student in the dojo... teachers do notice stuff like that. A student who stands out like that, doesn't have to ask me to test, I'll be pushing him (or her) along...

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