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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Good points Michael, I wanted to express the same thing you did about what has really helped me in aikido is understanding the clinch and ground. I don't feel like I need to be as hard or nervous on the "inside" anymore....especially during things like irimi nage,which I (as many), will try and "force" out of shear desperation to make it work.

Once you can learn to relax and control the seems to make things in an aikido context slow down that much more. Ironically I the space and distance we practice in aikido now seems so much more spacious and like such a gift now.

I think this is one way, as you point out, that BJJ helps with your aikido.


I agree with you to concerning the MMA context. We will stop doing GI and BJJ when I get in the mood and work on NO GI, and striking every now and then. It does change things dramatically, point out the flaws, or better put...the different context in which you must deal with things when striking and kicking come into play.

I personally like to train in things like Aikido and BJJ, spending most of my time in principal oriented training. Then, every now and then, add situational exercises such as weapons, no gi, kicks, rules etc to the equation to make sure we are all tracking with what happens when we have other constraints, opportunities and limitations that impact the situation.

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