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Originally posted by bcole23
Also, when this guy is starting to grab you, you don't have to let him get a death grip on you. As you progress, you'll find your reflexes will develop to a point that it's hard for anyone to really get a death grip on you.
You're abolutely right. And it's particularly true on an ushiro attack as written in the initial post of this thread. If you don't want to let your opponent grab your second arm, there's no way he can be able to do it. If for real, as the guy mentionned, you can begin to react as soon as it begins to grab your first arm, not necessarely in a "ushiro" technique but more on an "aihanmi" one and your opponent will be down well before he's able to even touch your second arm... So, if he don't stop to block you even if you ask him, telling you "I do it like real", the next time he attacks don't do ushiro but start a shionage, kokyu, or any technique that you know as soon as he grab your first arm. If he ask you what you do, you can then tell him that "If you attack me that way, for real, I will be doing that, not ushiro... I will never let you grab my second arm...".

Our sensei tell us many time that, in regular practice, it's very easy to block anyone since you know what the other will try to do. However, in the real thing, you don't know what he will do, so blocking don't have any sense. In a randori, for example, if you see that a particular technique has no chance to work, you simply do something else, more fitted to the situation... If the other try to block you, you can easily switch to something else, which is not the case when only practising a particular technique...
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