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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I actually know exactly how you feel. When I first started aikido, I would get shut down by the higher belts. Everything would not work. Then would then give me advice, usually in a meaningless way (to a begininer) such as extend more, or relax more, or look at the wall, move with your center, etc. I would try my best to do what they asked, and it would work. One day, I had just come from judo, and was very tired and really annoyed for no real reason (probably lack of suger). I should of went home, but instead I got on the mat. I was very absent minded about my techniques, and not really listening to input. One senior student would grab my hand, I would try to move and he would shut me down. He would then give me instructions (which I was ignoring and just really wondering how much longer I had to be there) and I would do the exact same thing I just did, only he would exagerate a nice fall and say "That was much better!".

I realized this after I got home. For the next few months (this is before I stopped aikido to focus on judo) I would "test" this senior rank by never taking his advice. Every single time he would stop me, tell me I'm not doing X, I would do it the exact way I did before, and he would fall and tell me how much better I just got. It really didn't matter what I did the second time, he just wanted to think he was teaching me. I also think in his mind he was "building me up".

It was an extremely frustrating time for me. However now that I only train aikido 1 to 2 times a month, he usually does not give me advice. I have a lot more fun training there now.

- Don
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