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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

I'm a big fan of playing. I like to go out and take a few hours of boxing, or aikido, maybe some mauy thai, whatever. I usually take a day or two a month and dedicate it to doing something new to see how other people look at stuff. I always keep an open mind and try it out, but I also voice my concerns and get their feedback. I feel it is important to have a core focus though, mine is actually two arts that are basically the same, bjj and judo.

More importantly to me I feel it is important to do some MMA sparing. It shows you the flaws in every system. Normal bjj training doesn't prepare you to deal with knees from the side mount, or punches from the mount. However a few quick mma sparing sessions and you learn to quickly how to use bjj to deal with it.

I think the same holds true for aikido, it just takes a lot longer to work out. Very slowly I find myself using wrist locks, ikkyo like arm drags, etc with building success. At least 2 times a month I go spend time with my old aikido club and train with them and look for new ideas to play with. But no matter what I keep my focus of at least 3 times a week in bjj/judo.

So keep a focus, make sure you train in that 3 times a week, then if you have the spare time, go exploring. And get some MMA sparing.

- Don
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