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Re: No more Mr. Nice Guy.


Although good solid posture or excellent Kihon Dosa is desirable and all, it is not the the end in itself.

That is why, if someone correct me this and that I will just go with the flow. Kihon Dosa is after all just stance which confers to you the most stable position to launch any aikido techniques. And the most stable position is the one you feel most comfortable in. Again, IMO Kihon is a guide, it is not a rigid dogma cast in stone.

For me, my kamae or kihon dosa is the one which gives me the most stable platform to launch an attack or counter-attack. Only I know what is good for me.

I think this trying to make kihon dosa this way or that way is a bit micro-managing things. Rather than say that your hands must be 13.1356" above your waist and your legs must be 89.1165 degrees and 12.5758" apart etc bla bla bla... just ask the student, are you stable?

From my experience with my Sensei, if someone tries to be funny and gives him resistant (moi included) he just simply change the technique and Wham!, Uke still gets planted on the mat (moi included). And BTW, he doesn't even hold kamae anymore... he just ask us yudansha to come and punch him anyway we like. To me, these ability to move freely and achieve instantaneous victory is more desirable than striving for a perfect kamae/kihon dosa etc.


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