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Awase (from Meaning of Competitive)

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
This is a good point. There are different "aspects" of aiki... in training we are largely striving for "awase" or "matching". In fighting we are not.

It's like the waves on an oscilloscope. "Awase" is basically having the waves "in phase". Aikido training is largely about being in phase, at least in the kihon waza and in any weapons form practice you encounter.

But "awase" is not desirable in fighting where one desires to put the enemy "out of phase" with your actions. Being "in phase" can result in "ai-uchi" and it also gives an enemy the chance to reverse a given technique (kaeshiwaza).

Whether one is striving for "awase" or is trying to put the opponent "out of phase", both require ki musubi to be effective. In other words, controlling whether one is "in phase" or "out of phase" is just an example of different aspects of the "joining" which is aiki.
This is an interesting point. What is the precise definition of awase? Can you expand upon it in relation to the following?

I am frequently corrected by my seniors when training with regard to being 'in rhythm' with uke and uke's attack. The admonition being that, to attain kuzushi, I must be slightly off of uke's rhythm rather than matching it. Otherwise we have something akin to ai-uchi, or perhaps only a release of the attack with no kuzushi and therefor no opportunity to neutralize the attacker until another cycle begins.

It seems to me that either I'm training with a slightly different approach to aiki or that I'm missing something interesting that I should spend some time studying.


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