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Re: Video of O'Sensei when he was younger.

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Wow, that guy does a pretty good job of maintaining 'the cross'. I wonder if he studied with Ark?
The really interesting thing about the video is the progression from kneeling, to half kneeling to standing.

I used to think that kneeling was all about "samurai self defense" or just ritualized silliness.

Now that I understand a little bit about ''connection" I can see that the kneeling position makes it easier to use connection, because you don't have to pay attention to the knees and ankles. Just the hips on up. Of course half kneeling is a little tougher, and then standing on your feet is tougher still.

If I think about suwariwaza as a training tool to get you using connection (the cross and so on) ASAP then I think it's fantastic. I'm doing a lot of it these days actually. I'm glad I learned the "shape" before, and now it's a matter of putting the right feeling into it.
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