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Bruce Baker
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Superior Aikido?

There is no one martial art that will protect you.

Aikido will teach you how to more effectively use your movements.

Many Aikidoka have experience in other MA. Why? Because Aikido was not the base of MA but a later synthesis of arts, given to the general public as a safe training method. If you can blend it into other arts, so much the better for you. But, you statement of it being expert above other arts, or use of guns, bombs, or other variations of death to protect you against death? It was never meant to be that.

Nearly anyone can learn to shoot an arrow from a bow, but can you do it without thinking, instinctively hitting the target? In human terms, that is the simple explaination of learning Aikido, to go from using mechanical force, to understanding the instinctive forces you naturally posess to accomplish what you visually see.

Sometimes, we never get there, but when you can snap shoot an arrow by the feel in your belly, Tan tien, then you never forget it ... even if you only accomplish it a small percentage of the time? Practice, practice, practice ... never being satisfied, no matter how good it looks to someone else?

When you hit the bulls eye, without sights with a reflex bow ar fifty yards, then that is the beginning of learning? At least, I think it is? As far as miracles of Aikido training ... what did you see? That is what it was.
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