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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Damn, go to Paris for a few days and I missed this thread!

Sorry to leave you hanging Michael!

Michael is dead on the money, along with Larry and Don as well.

As far as looking at engagements from a particular paradigm, be it aikido, bjj, judo...or what not is really limiting and sets up a situation in which you come up with illogical comparisons.

Aikido and the Dynamic sphere I believe (Westbrook and Rati) cover fighting situaitons pretty good in the beginning of there fight.

These are the common situations you should explore, not from a stylistic standpoint.

1. Both partners square off and wait for the attack. (Parity).
2. One partner attacks while the other is not aware (non-parity).
3. Both know, one has a weapon.
4. One knows the other doesn't...the one knows has the weapon.
etc, etc. you get the idea....

From there you can then explore what works and does not work. You really have to define the parameters and the rules of engagement to have a good dicsussion in this area.

Studying both aikido and bjj I have found both to be complimetary and to have advantages depending on situations being presented and through what filters and conditions you determine to set.

In some cases a BJJ paradigm does not work at all, especially if the guy is determined not to fight and runs away.

Niether bjj or aikido work very well if your opponents buddy shows up with a gun!

A beer bottle over the unaware head trumps both as well!

Training in both has opened my eyes only to show me that style is not so important as much as the willingness of the budoka to not accept excuses or definitions that limit his/her ability to be open and grow. Translation: If something bugs you...then you should go study it...if you don't or cannot find the time, well then I guess it just isn't that much of a priority.

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