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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Ahmed Altalib wrote: View Post

When I asked the question at hand I was looking for Aikido techniques and I seem to have got alternatives like:

1) Use a weapon
2) Gouge the eyes
3) Learn BJJ/Wrestling

Frankly these answers (specially coming from Aikidoka's) concern me because it reflects mental desperation and panic when it comes to BJJ
I've said this before ad nauseum on other threads but guess you have not tracked them down.

1. Why is it so important to find an "aiki" solution to a problem Aikido was never designed to solve?
2. How do you define an Aikido solution? Does it need to be kote gaeshi and shiho nage or will it do to take the principals and strategies of Aikido and adapt them to the ground situation? I mean principals like blending, centering, leading, off balancing, focusing the unified power of your movement against their weakest points etc ertc.
3. If you are happy to use aikido strategies on the ground and call that an aikido solution - the good news is there is much that can be done. In fact a lot of work has been done in this area and it goes by the name of BJJ.

"When your only tool is a hammer every problem starts to look like a nail"
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