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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Anthony Towsley wrote: View Post
Yeah, Carlos Machado is the one I found in Farmer's Branch. Kinda pricey. But that's relative I guess.

Last year I believe they were charging $135 a month and $50 annual association fee. Granted, I guess if you really want to learn it's cheap. $50 a year for the association is reasonable.
$300/hr for private lessons with Carlos Machado!

Guess they charge what they can get.


yes that is expensive. Myt personal opinion is that it's worth it. Training with one of the Machado brothers is roughly equivilent to training with someone like say, Shioda or Tohei in Aikido lineage. So they're right up there. But as a newb to the art it may well be that you would do just as well to find a blue belt teaching somewhere for $50 a month if all you're looking for is a flavour

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