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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Justin Smith wrote: View Post
It looked to me like he didn't even have time to get a good lock in (either time) before the much stronger person picked his whole body up and slammed him. If it was a good lock, the person would have tapped or have not been able to pick him up and slam him.

A large cut on the back of the head?

Hard enough for the other guy to stop because he knew it was a hard hit?

In a real encounter, the person on the bottom wouldn't be so lucky because the other person doing the slamming might not just stop like that.

I hear this all the time, but we never see the actual studies showing how these percentages were calculated. Will you show us your study?

You can hit someone on the back of the head without mounting them.
I guess we just see things different.

At what point are you going to strike my head while I take you down? The harai goshi? Maybe the double leg? Where is your power going to come from? Maybe you think I'm going to turn around and let you take jabs at the back of my skull? I've been downward elbowed on the takedown, its not that bad. I'm in the MMA scene. I've see guys break their entire freaking hand and keep fighting like nothing happened, win and go to the hospital. They even keep punching with that hand. You think a finger is going to stop someone? Rich Franklin broke his hand, and damaged his ankle in a bad way in a title fight and kept fighting strong the entire 5 rounds. Look at it this way, I wont stop for a broken finger in a grappling match. Why would I stop when I really want to hurt you? Hell I know a guy who tore his ACL to win an amature MMA match. He sat right up through a heel hook. I've seen a guy break his arm to punch out a guy who was armbaring him.The ref called the fight because his arm was all screwed up. He was upset the fight was called, even though he had to go though months of physical therapy. These are not even real fights, they are sport fights. In a real fight you think they are going to let a trivial finger stop them?

I've personally needed to go to the hospital after a groin kick and still won the fight. New guys grab my fingers constantly, its not a big threat. Guys pinch me constantly, it leaves a huge bruise but doesn't hurt in the least. Noobs try everything to win, and I usually encourage them to. I'll gladly sacrifice a finger to break an arm or choke unconscious. Then I'll be upset at the pain and do far worse then I intended. So go ahead and clutch at my eyes while you slowly lose consciousness. Grab my fingers while I break your arm, pinch my legs while you take a long nap followed by stomps. Elbow my back while I drive your skull into the hard ground.

And yes, I know a good eye gouge is going to slow a guy down. I've seen it happen in MMA matches. But it is usually on a punch. Once the grappling starts it is really hard to defend yourself and gouge an eye. The man in the dominate position has a much better chance at gouging your eyes then you do. Reach for my eyes on the back mount, I'll tear your eyes out with my free hand while I choke you and tuck my head to protect. Reach for my eyes in the guard or mount and you are getting a broken arm, followed by a few stomps to the face.

It's not that I'm an unbeatable fighter. I freaking suck at fighting. Its that simply these techniques do not work. While you waste time inflicting almost no damage, you are going to get seriously hurt. Anyone promoting these ideas as an effective defense against anyone, bjjer or otherwise is simply unexperienced or a dreamer.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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