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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker


When I asked the question at hand I was looking for Aikido techniques and I seem to have got alternatives like:

1) Use a weapon
2) Gouge the eyes
3) Learn BJJ/Wrestling

Frankly these answers (specially coming from Aikidoka's) concern me because it reflects mental desperation and panic when it comes to BJJ as for the first two (weapons and gouging eyes) I think resorting to either one defeats the whole purpose of Aikido if applied by an Aikidoka since Aikido is mainly about redirecting one's energy = having control of the situation.

As for learning BJJ well its the easy way out yes but doing so equals losing faith in the whole art of Aikido and its effectiveness where its not Aikido anymore but BJJ so thanks but no thanks, I would rather work so hard on my Aikido to the extent where I am mentally comfortable with its application against any one including BJJ'ers and if I am ever taken down then there is a problem with my dedication and understanding and I need to work on it even harder.

Thank to all of those who contributed to this discussion specially those who answered my question and mentioned some Aikido techniques - Mary Turner, Nafis Zahir and Xu Wenfung.

P.S how genuine are these Hapkido, Taekwando, Kung Fu black belts Gracie takes down in the youtube videos? where did all of their kicking/knee work disappear when he charged at them? they seem to be standing there waiting for him to grab and control them, are you sure these guys are not acting?

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