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Adam Alexander
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Sean Vayda wrote: View Post
...attackers will come in all shapes forms and sizes, but they are just energy to be harmonized with.
I like the quote. I don't necessarily agree with your interpretation of it.

Keith Lee wrote: View Post
So after I say I train with a sandan on a regular basis, you immediately change your tune. Just a minute ago you made it sound like a sandan is the end all, be all. Any more inconsistencies or hyperbole you'd like to throw out?

Non-committed?? Michael and I are both higher ranked and have trained longer in Aikido than you, so if we're comparing commitment than we both place higher than you on that totem pole.
You took an awful lot from me using sandan as a mark. I didn't imply all of that.

Yes, non-committed. You guys might of been Aiki-hobbyists since the dawn of time. You might of done enough for the organization to get your rank. But that means little to me.

If you were committed, you'd not be dogging Aikido at every chance when it comes to BJJ. Instead, you'd be developing the next layer of techniques for Aikido to deal with these "mysterious and all new" attacks.

If you're sandans or other senior rank, you should be spending your time at your dojos that you run developing your own technique rather than chasing someone else's.

I live Aikido. There's little else in this world that means as much to me as this art. Hours on hours are dedicated to unlocking the mysteries. Hours on hours decidated to figuring out what I can do to make myself right for Aikido.

If I walked into a BJJ gym or any dojo tomorrow to test my skills, it would be to find the weakness in my technique. It wouldn't be about challenging Aikido. If my technique failed, then I'd search for the answer within Aikido. Should I not find the answer, I'd begin to develop an Aikido solution.

That's commitment.

You clowns are part-timers and half-assers. 1 minus .5 equals a half. You've only got one life. If you spend part of it on BJJ, then you're part-timing Aikido.

Larry Camejo wrote: View Post
These threads always show how little the average AIkidoka knows about using Aikido in an actual engagement imho. The talk about using weapons against an unarmed BJJ person is just as bad as the "dirty tricks" (eye gouges etc.) approach imho. It shows a lack of understanding of both BJJ and Aikido for that matter.
I think those were jokes.

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
I do remember that in the last discussion that Jean went on a bent about how rank doesn't matter. I predicted he'd change his tune on that and I see he has.
And you were right. However, I don't know if the reason you believe rank matters is the same reason I do.

It's like a college degree to me. You should expect that the degreed individual is more knowledgeable than the non-degreed. However, it's not a gaurantee. Some lower ranks understand more than some higher ranks and vice versa.

But I do agree that it's an indicator.

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
Sandans? Well I'm one, does that count? I was Nidan when I first walked into a BJJ club and got completely handled. My grades have all been confrerred by an Aikikai Shihan - so of course when you insult my level and ability you are also insulting that particular Shihan and indeed the Aikikai.
Nope. I don't know why you were awarded yours

I do insult your level and ability. However, I'm simply stating what the equation reflected in your opinion concludes. You've insulted yourself. I've simply condensed it for you.

Please don't try to hide behind the Aikikai and a particular Shihan. The reasons they gave you a rank is as unknown to me as it is to you.

If you were unable to grasp the teachings of a certain Shihan, that is a reflection of you and your unwillingness or inability to work harder...not the Shihan.

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
I noticed something odd in one of your responses. Can you confirm for us that the "dojo" you went to test yourself was *Brazillian* Jiu Jitsu and not japanese?
I've been out to a few gyms. None BJJ. MMA and Japanese.

They're all the same, right? Just like all Aikido's the same? Isn't that what you've been saying?

As always, I appreciate the play time.

The reason that I haven't advanced in my Aikido is ego. (Can you tell?) I'm terribly arrogant so I've refused to test. (But those things are changing.) Being low-rank and awfully egotistical gives me a defense for playing these games.

What's your excuse? Sandans should represent better.

I'm done playing with you again. If you can't grasp what's being said, I just can't help you.
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