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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

These threads always show how little the average AIkidoka knows about using Aikido in an actual engagement imho. The talk about using weapons against an unarmed BJJ person is just as bad as the "dirty tricks" (eye gouges etc.) approach imho. It shows a lack of understanding of both BJJ and Aikido for that matter.

If you want to defend against BJJ in a manner that works regardless of what style you train in, then learning BJJ or a comparable method that teaches you quality ground fighting is the best route imho. If one wants to respond using what is available within the Aikido paradigm alone there are very many options, but when one talks about "Aikido responses" and then says ground fighting it shows that one really doesn't get how Aikido operates as a "combative" art, especially against something like BJJ. The "ground" is a BJJ-er's home and "fighting" is something most Aikidoka are not trained to do quite well.


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