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Paul Crist
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Re: Onegaishimasu

Michael Stuempel wrote: View Post
... I remember having a really hard time trying to remember how to pronounce it as I stood up in front of everyone and bowed to him . ....

Aside: If anyone's interested I think I was told to remember "On a guy she must" and drop the final "T". Okay..not politically correct, but I did remember it! Also, for "doitashimashita" or "you're welcome" I was told to remember "Don't touch my mustache". ...
In our dojo, we teach our beginning kids to say "oh my gosh a mouse" before further confusing them with the correct pronunciation. Seeing the more adult version above made me smile. I haven't heard "doitashimashita" at our dojo, so while "Don't touch my mustache" also made me smile, it didn't have the personal effect.
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