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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Keith Lee wrote: View Post
Well, one of my best friends is a sandan (we met at our Aikido dojo) and we train in BJJ together on a regular basis. So...pretty often.

No, the game is, you come on here and make wild claims and we ask you to back them up, you resort to ad hominem retorts. Which, tends to make everyone not believe anything you say. At this point, I'm fairly resigned to just regarding you as a very clever troll.
Yeah but was he a sandan before or after he started BJJ? If he wasn't a sandan, then he doesn't count. Then, what style is he if he was a sandan? Only two styles of Aikido matter and he's had to of trained in one for five years and the other for six months. However, the six months must of been during his third year of the first style. Of course, he had to of returned to the second after his five years of the first to pursue his sandan.

And let's face it, one sandan doesn't really represent Aikido as a whole.

You're right. I'm very clever. But if I'm a troll, it seems interesting that I'm an Aikidoka on an Aikido website responding to posts made by non-committed or non-Aikidoka.

Makes me wonder, who are the trolls?
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