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Adam Alexander
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Keith Lee wrote: View Post
Name the exact BJJ gym you went to, along with people who were blue belt and higher that were there. Almost any reputable BJJ will have a website as well so you should be able to link it for us. I call ultra-double-super-shennanigans if you were both wearing gi.
Sure. What sandan Aikidoka have you tangled with to support anything that contradicts what I'm saying.

BJJ, JJ who cares? It's all JJ just like Aikido is all Aikido.

You guys play this game. If I head to a dojo, it's not the right dojo. If I name a rank, it wasn't the right rank. If I name a name, it's not the right name. If an Aikidoka won the UFC, it was the wrong time to win the UFC.

You're blinded by denial because you can't grasp it.
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