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Keith R Lee
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Jean de Rochefort wrote: View Post
Very true. Except, that was the last time when I accepted your "challenge" to go check out dojo. Then I found that ground guys couldn't take me down until after I was totally winded and was indifferent to going down. I consistently got holds that were initial steps in Aikido techniques. And I chose not to apply techniques because I had several individuals in very delicate positions and I was afraid to hurt them (I had their fingers/hands/wrists under control).

I consistently controlled distance with Aikido. As a result, I controlled the situation.

Apparently the problem with you is that your Aikido is weak and you've failed with it. Because your technique is weak, you think that no one else's Aikido is effective?

It's good that you didn't continue on with that post. I put up, I figure it's time for you to shut up... my Aiki-failure friend.
Name the exact BJJ gym you went to, along with people who were blue belt and higher that were there. Almost any reputable BJJ will have a website as well so you should be able to link it for us. I call ultra-double-super-shennanigans if you were both wearing gi.

Keith Lee
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