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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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In the early part of the latter century there was an intense and rivalrous competition between Brazilian Jujitsu and Japanese Jujitsu. The Brazilians had been practicing in realtive isolation, developing jujitsu to meet their own culture and standards, boasting all the while that they were undefeatable. A match was finally called between the Brailiain team and the Japanese team headed by a sensei named Kimura. After rounds and rounds among the sempai, some leading to near death and broken bones, all appeared to be realtively equal.
"near death" is a exaggeration imo.

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
The event culminated in a fight between Kimura and the Brazilian Teacher that almost lead to death in the first match. The match was stopped. It was restarted just a short while later.
I don't believe that's accurate. Helio Gracie had a match with Masahiko Kimura, and I believe this is what you are referring to. The match ended after Gracie's side threw in the towel during the second round (The total match time was over 13 minutes). It should be noted that Kimura was significantly younger and larger than Gracie at the time of the match. Also Helio himself did not submit, despite having his arm broken during the match.

There were rounds, although I do not know the length of the round (I would presume 10 minutes). I don't believe the match was stopped for any reason inbetween rounds. Also Kimura had publically stated that if Gracie lasted longer than 3 minutes Gracie should consider himself the winner.


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