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Originally posted by Steve

Granted, I've only seen a few Segal films but I had no idea at all that he was displaying aikido until an aikidoka told me. So how does the general public know that Segal practices aikido? It's not in his films some place, is it? Maybe it is. I don't know. Or are we just assuming that a lot of people new to aikido were inspired by Segal?
I don't know how they knew, perhaps through the few references already mentioned, or word of mouth. I had seen his films before I started, but didn't know he was doing Aikido... but I've heard more than one visitor (usually a younger male category) ask about Seagal Sensei and Aikido (as in 'this is what Seagal does, right?') so the word seems to be out there somewhere...

I don't understand the question on irimi nage, nor have I seen him doing Aikido (other than his movie stuff, which we all know is not like actually teaching). But if the question implies it is easier for him to do an impressive irimi nage due to his size, I wouldn't fault him for being big...those same big senseis (and I've had a few) have to do shiho nage, and sudori techniques, which are definately more difficult for big guys, so it all evens out in the end. In fact, irimi nage is about the only technique I can think of that give taller nages an easier time.
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