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McGinnis Sensei,

I think we should keep the description more accurate to the current set up of the USAF. While I know this was once how the USAF was set up I know now that Chiba Sensei's Birankai organization is now fully recognized by the Aikikai Hombu. I think this should reflect the new unified USAF that we are now. I think this description is accurate up until the new Shihan promotions from a couple of years ago.

I have often updated the "High Ranking" Lists whenever there are new promotions in our organization.

I think it would be wise to keep the current description of how the USAF used to be and then add the new changes within our organization.

Any person on this board can change it, but since you are one of the higher ranking sensei in our organization, I think you would be in better position to edit the USAF description in the AikiWiki than say myself.


Anne Marie Giri
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