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Originally posted by Steve
Granted, I've only seen a few Segal films but I had no idea at all that he was displaying aikido until an aikidoka told me. So how does the general public know that Segal practices aikido? It's not in his films some place, is it? Maybe it is. I don't know. Or are we just assuming that a lot of people new to aikido were inspired by Segal?
In Above the Law, there is a whole little introduction about Ueshiba Morihei and aikido (though I can't remember if he actually says "aikido") I just love how in the dojo scene at the beginning of that movie, every uke that gets thrown lets out a shouting groan of pain: "Uagh!" That had me laughing for quite some time.


By the way, I never even saw a Seagal movie until after starting aikido, and then, only fast-forwarding to the fight scenes to see if I can recongnize anything.
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