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Re: Value of atemi

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
It is in the benefit of both uke and nage to witness and learn the elements of imbalance. It is best to take it outside of human fighting dimension and to think of it as structural or universal' pieces'.
Why is it "best" to operate this way? Imho human "fighting" is one of the simplest forms of human communication that you can get and it makes things quite clear in a very simple manner. From this simple paradigm one can then apply the distilled kernel of information to a wider system such as structural or universal concepts imho.
Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
The atemi is not you hitting him (or her) it is a meteor crashing toward the planet drawn in by a vacume.It may also be a black hole. Etc. This concept will give you more tools to work this game.
Not sure how this can give one "more tools" as it appears to be quite the opposite of actual atemi application. In both examples, the meteor crashing towards a planet and a black hole there is the inference that impetus and direction is uncontrolled as the elements involved react to gravity. Imho this is not atemi, which is a very controlled, precise process of applying force. Not to mention the fact that most meteors dissipate through friction against the atmosphere (force on force) before making any impact, which is the antithesis of Aiki imho.

Imho it may be better to create basic linkages that are obvious and easy to repeat and understand and then relate this to the movement of the universe, nature etc. instead of trying it the other way around. I think this is how Ueshiba M. figured out a lot of his Aiki, not by trying to mimic universal motions, but expressing universal patterns naturally and then realizing the linkages to natural macroscopic systems.

Just a thought.

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