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Re: Re: HI

Originally posted by Chris P.
You can't choose a point on a bag, and hit it with the correct angle and power? It seems to be the next best thing to hitting your training partners, which they might find distasteful. I have heard from some reputable sources that striking is 90% of Aikido, how do you train this 90%?
The quote was "Aikido is (insert percentage) atemi". Atemi is not just striking. I have a really good dictionary that calls atemi a "knockdown blow". I like this definition better than any other I have heard (there is a lot more to it than that in the kanji as well). Striking is important, but most boxers take a few rounds to get that "knockdown blow". By examining Aikido from that perspective, maybe we will realize how it could be more effective.
I think training on a heavy bag would help you develop that focus if you don't have a system set up within your dojo. (I get to hit my training partners, slowly and with full effect, to get that knockdown blow.) Try hitting the bag at different speeds. Lifting weights will help you generate more power and running will help your endurance. Use what you need, it's your practice.

Jim Vance
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