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Re: Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Akido,Etc;

Greetings all, I am very pleased and humbly grateful for all of your responses.

I didn't know that Prof. Powell did security for the N.O.I. or in South America. I do remember meeting him at a YMCA in West Philadelphia back in the 80's when I was taking Shotokan Karate.

He was friends with one of the instructors there who also had a black belt under him.

He was very nice, humble, & imformative but you could also sense his noblity & notice his command for respect.....not like a thug or anything it was just in his walk, his presense...know what I mean?

There are more videos of them on YOUTUBE if any one needs to see more.

I like Akido & would like to train in it one day, I've been in HKD on/off since 98' & have slowed down a lot in the last two years due to two major injuries,(i.e. broken toe from kicking, level 3 groin injury from grappling)

I've recently started training in Muay Thai over at Dan Inosanto's JKD Academey a couple of days a week. I truly believe that in about two years when I'm about 42 I'll be heading towards Akido and that'll be my swan song.
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