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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

Marie Noelle Fequiere wrote: View Post
Let me take advantage of this thread to point to the fact that martial arts in general attract people who have problems, but they will not always tell the head instructor upon signing up. I think it is very important for a martial art instructor to learn to decipher symptoms - they can be very subttle - of spychological distress in a student, and also what the proper course of action - say in the case of an abused child - is, or the proper way to help the student with his or her issues.
I just wonder if this is a requirement for openning a martial art school in some countries.
In the case of an Abused Child, anyone who is working with children, paid or on a voluntary basis, legally has to be trained in child protection which does cover symptoms of abuse, so that would cover anyone who is teaching children Martal Arts. There is also a piece of goverment legislation stating that everyone who deals with children has to read a copy of a book Titled "What to do if youre worried a child is being abused". So basically yes that type of awareness is a legal requirement and if you are concerned then you are supposed to refair them onto social services. However that is just for England, but I would be suprised if other countries did not have similar laws.
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