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Loep wrote:
Really? How so? And what does DO have to do with ANY of that?

Just curious about your thought process here.
Well, there are two different concepts:
1. The fighter
2. The warrior or warrior-savant

The fighter just needs to know how to fight. Give him a gun or a spear and some basic training and sent him into battle. Nothing else is expected of this common soldier. Basicly they are nothing more than an weapon to be used by others. (Maybe these are the reason people dont expect insight or great poetry from commandoes).

The warrior-savant is the one that trains not only physical skill but other things as well, among which strategy and compasion. He is the one that decides, that chooses.

The differents between these concepts can be found at different places. Even in western history there was a huge difference between soldiers and knights.

Kisshomaru Ueshiba quotes in his book "The Spirit of Aikido" Guy Bonnefond, who says:
We believe that it is only natural that aikido, representing a highly developed form of martial art and containing the noblest of legacy of Japanese culture and spirituality, should be well received in Europe with its high civilization and tradition of knighthood. (...)

So where does come into the equation, one might ask.
The connection is made between the savant part of the warrior-savant and .

Hope this clarifies it a bit.

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