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I attended my first class at New England Aikikai today.
It was a 7:00 AM class and was small so I could pair off with a Sempai and work on very basics.

I quickly learned that the first and most im portaint thing I need to work on is form and movement.

the Irimi, Tenkan, (cant remember the name but the step forward then Tenkan), and (also cant remember the name but a step back)
I asked how I can know when training at home if I have proper form. A sempai said that if I drop my back knee to the floor, both knees should make 90 degree angles.

Does anyone else have any other tips to have myself note while practicing these positions and movements to help in stopping the development of bad habbits ?
The worst thing would be to train and become confident that I am moving correctly only to learn that it is bad posture and form ingrained in my memory.

Thank you

Norman Harvey,
New England Aikikai

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