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Re: Reanimation techniques

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Hi -

...In ki aikido school, I have seen senior sensei with 40+ years of experience do some reanimations.

Is that systematically taught, as a kiatsu or teacher class maybe, in your dojos ?
I can imagine this would be helpful to teachers.
I have received kiatsu from some of my teachers to relieve pain and it helped every time.

Best regards
Kiatsu is a discipline of ki development. If you really want to understand it, there are certified courses that takes several years to complete. Sometimes kiatsu is introduced along with other ways of ki development in Ki Society dojos.

It's not unusual for martial artists to know the healing aspect of the human body. Advanced judo students learn how to revive a person after learning how to choke them out. Traditionally martial artists have been the village bone setters.

Now treating dislocations are done by surgeons. Today if you were to do bone setting, you could be sued for practicing medicine without a license.

It is not practice that makes perfect, it is correct practice that makes perfect.
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