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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 3

Peter, I really thank you once again for your efforts on our behalf.

c. Morihei Ueshiba appears to have made no attempt to check whether they had understood what they had learned from him.
I remember reading (I believe from G.Shioda's autobiography) about a "test" that Ueshiba gave him. The description of this "test" is quite interesting, in that it did not focus on the forms of waza, but rather, on the response to I believe grabs and pushes. There seemed to be a focus on the kinds of things Akuzawa, Dan H., and Mike S. speak of. There was also a weapons portion, but that is not of as much interest here. I you recall the "test" I am speaking of? I don't have my resources handy, but I will try to find the quote soon.

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Ron (I miss being thrown by you...time for a refresher??? )

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