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Re: Reanimation techniques

Yes, I've had kiatsu done on me after a bad injury by my sensei. I've even had it applied to my collar bone when it broke. I didn't realize it was broken at the time or I wouldn't have allowed kiatsu to be done on it. I think it depends on where the fracture occurs as to how painful it is so I can't say for sure it was the kiatsu that helped or not. I was at home taking a shower without any pain, when I realized......the collar bone should not be moving like that. Turns out it was a complete fracture when they did the X-rays in the ER. Go figure. The doctor was looking at me like I was a freak of nature.

At the end of our all male class we used to do kiatsu massage for 15 minutes. I think we stopped doing that because we got some single women and a teenage girl who joined the class and sensei didn't want them to feel uncomfortable. Almost positive that is why we stopped it. I miss it. Seemed to really help.
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