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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 3

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
I look forward to whatever you choose to share. You, with your background, education, and values, are in a unique position to help others that are interested in both history and the current state of aikido activities get a 'middle of the road' and from what I've seen, fair view. In my opinion, along with Stan's valuable work, you add a responsible voice that enables others to learn and grow.

Best regards,
Hello Chuck,

I've just noticed I called you Clark in my earlier post. It must be age creeping on. When you get to 60 here in Japan, friends hold a ceremony called kanreki and usually give you something red. Red is akai in Japanese and is a pun on aka-chan, or akambo: a young baby. The implication is that on reaching 60 you are permitted to return to your original child-like state, which includes forgetting things. This latter situation is also known as bokeru.

Anyway, apologies for the excessive formality.

Peter G.

P A Goldsbury
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