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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a spiritual practice component to still b

I believe that it is totaly possible to train in Aikido for strictly the spiritual aspect of the art. As a matter of fact that is why i came to Aikido. I am a big guy and i have been in many fights as a youngster, and i was always affraid of hurting someone as well as getting hurt myself, thats why i looked for something to calm myself and defeat my inner self(demons) rather than defeat others, and to try to control my aggression as well as be able to control others in a safe way if the situation arose. I am glad to say that i have not been in a fight for several years now, probably 10 or so.

So i looked for an art, i searched and i searched, but all i found was assembly line black belt schools that taught nothing but aggression and strike first. Then one day when i was going between karate dojos, i happened to drive by an Aikido dojo,it was tucked back on a lot that was once a loading dock. Very hard to see, somehow i found it. I walked into the dojo and before i even stepped halfway in i knew that this was the place for me, the way the door was situated you couldnt even see the matt or anyone in the place, it was just an incredible feeling that was totaly spiritual. As it turned out the Sensei was from Burma and a devout Muslim, he has never promoted his religion, but you can feel his spirituality, and a very commanding presence. He has the perfect mix of martial and spiritual aspects of his training.

So you see for me Aikido is a spiritual art first and foremost.

"he who conquers himself is the greatest warrior of all"
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