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Re: Parsing ai ki do

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Do you know that it is kunyomi or do you assume so just because "go' is also onyomi? It's not a binary thing. There are often more than one Chinese pronunciation for the same character, and thus more than one possible onyomi reading.

? "Ai" is cognate to Chinese ? "hé" with the same basic tropes of meanings in both Japanese and Chinese. Both readings are onyomi, from my perspective. The other onyomi you note is ? "go," cognate to Chinese ?"g?" which is another pronunciation for the same character ? -- meaning a certain measure of grain or other produce.

While O Sensei valued farming, I don't see a direct or even connotative connection.
I think, strictly on the basis of this last sentence that a cruise through 'What is the binding force of O'Senseis Aikido' would be fun( another thread here on the web). As one comes to the conclusion that there is no connecton in the language to suggest certain ties ( to , humorously, farming) I find myself in another place of understanding where it points to it more; a place where I hear an implicit humor of nature. The more it comes apart for one purpose the more it looks like something else.To Me.
O'Sensei also called aikido the place where 'five meets five'. Now how did he write that and was he playing with the terms go and go? It becomes intellectually taxing to tear it all apart ( I sure appreciate the amazing wealth of knowledge that some of you are bringing.WOW!) and at the same time very enjoyable to watch the concepts dance. Wherever there is joy and flow, I tend to find a relevant connection. Perhaps it is all just so simple in it's nature that it is complex to the intellect. I'm enjoying the great conversation and the intelligent and insightful education I'm getting. Especially thanks to Eric Mead for the awesome knowledge and stimulating posts.

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