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Re: Parsing ai ki do

Josh Lerner wrote: View Post
Actually, "ai" is kunyomi. The onyomi of that character is "go".
Do you know that it is kunyomi or do you assume so just because "go' is also onyomi? It's not a binary thing. There are often more than one Chinese pronunciation for the same character, and thus more than one possible onyomi reading.

合 "Ai" is cognate to Chinese 合 "hé" with the same basic tropes of meanings in both Japanese and Chinese. Both readings are onyomi, from my perspective. The other onyomi you note is 合 "go," cognate to Chinese 合"gě" which is another pronunciation for the same character 合 -- meaning a certain measure of grain or other produce.

While O Sensei valued farming, I don't see a direct or even connotative connection.


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