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Originally posted by PeterR

Let's see Edward: first you condem most of what's said here as BS and full of hypocracy and then admit that your posts do not reflect your true opinion. I'm pretty sure that Andy would not have called you on it if all you did was admit to enjoy playing devil's advocate (welcome to the club. However, for someone so quick to dish it out you seem pretty incapable of taking it.
Let's say that I feel being called dishonest and without integrity are very strong and insulting words. If someone calls me that in my face, one of us at least will be severely injured, and I don't care if it's me. I think it's very easy to be less polite when the other guy is several thousand miles away.

Now to clarify my point, I say that beginners should not attend advanced classes if they are not ready yet. I am not talking about mixed classes because as you said we have to practice with every one and we rotate. But beginners in advanced classes can be a danger for themselves and for others, and because the teacher will feel compelled to lower the technical level and then it's not an advanced class anymore.

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