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Originally posted by Reuben
Just a question, it seems when i do abdominal breathing, my stomach seems to swell and it remains big. I went to the doctor and they said u have a lot of air in your stomach....HRMMMM...

i think i must be missing something or have i a leak in my diaphragm.
Just a thought, are you exhaling properly. I mean when you inhale you form a small potbelly. There should be tension in the belly but not too much and it shouldn't be painful. When you exhale you should pull in you belly until its in a "normal" position, not so much that your belly is concaved (I know some yogic practices do this with Bandas) . Pulling in the belly helps to massage the inner organs (and expel air from your stomach and instestine ) and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

You might be trying to breathe too deeply and are accidently swallowing some air.


On another note. I agree with Bruce. Whether you know it or not you are infusing your organs with ki when you are doing ki breathing. Ki breathing seems similar to the 5 element breathing that they do in Taoist Chi Kung. There are other types of meditation that are used to achieve a state of peace, or program autosuggestion.

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