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Re: iwama note, censored?

Joey Davis wrote: View Post
thankyou so much for the info.

now all we have to do is figure out why the deshi of different associations can't remain friendly even in the midst of their differences.

what do you think would be of help in resolving tensions there in Iwama?

have a good day.

I went to Iwama in October of last year for the first time and coincided with Bryan as uchideshi to Saito Hitohiro Sensei. I guess by the time he returned (it was his third trip) the "issue" had blown over.

I started my Aikido training under Homma Sensei, and currently train in an Iwama Ryu dojo in VA. I occasionally fly back to Denver for business and train at Nippon Kan. I have also trained in seminars with aikidoka from other styles or associations. Regardless of styles or influences, I have never had a problem talking to or training with anyone.

Iwama is not a big town, and uchideshi from both the Shin Shin Shurenkan (Saito Sensei's) and the Ibaraki Shibu Dojo (Isoyama, Inagaki Sensei's) ran into each other at the coin laundry, the Hot Spar (like a 7-11 where all uchideshi tend to stop when running errands) and just riding the bikes around town. The Ibaraki Dojo is in Yoshioka Nijuroku, or Yoshioka 26 so it is next door to Saito Sensei's house. Invariably we all saw each other quite often, since Saito Sensei's uchideshi stay at a building in the premises of his house. We talked, said hello to each other and communicated without any issues. None of us had any problems and to be quite honest, the experience was so good that I can't wait to go back.

One day while Bryan, Denis (the Frenchman), Anker (the Dane) and I were branding our jos and kens with the Shurenkan brand, while Saito Sensei gave us instructions on how to do it. Lo and behold, one of the Senseis from the Ibaraki dojo stopped over, and chatted with Saito Sensei briefly. He then jokingly asked us if we were barbequing our jos. We all cracked up laughing. Is that enmity?

Besides the excellent training, this was one of the best lessons in human relations I have had. It is typical for people to create a "hurricane inside a teacup" by sometimes assuming there is no communication, when in fact all it takes is honest and good natured talk. I encourage all those who have assumed there is a problem to go there and train at either dojo and experience the whole thing first hand.
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