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greg and Colleen,

I see your points. I myself have never had the privilege to see Saito Sensei in person, but I have several of his video tapes and I admire his style very much.

I also like training at Iwama-Ryu dojos whenever I get the opportunity because I feel it gives very good basics.

I disagree with Greg however about the bad apples. My experience with Iwama is actually with 2 really good teachers (5th and 4th dans). Apart from their too frequent allusions about how Kisshomaru Doshu usurped his father's style, and how Saito sensei kept Osensei's authentic style, they are wonderful and friendly people. The point is, they never mention any other aikido style such as Yoshinkan or Tomiki. They always start their sentences with something like: Unlike Aikikai, at Aikikai they do it this or that way, but this is not Osensei's way. We do it this or that way...etc. Or at aikikai they accuse us to do x or y...etc. So we seem to be the main rival for Iwama-Ryu

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