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Re: Observing a technique

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
I notice that, often, most people are watching the effect of the technique, the end result (the photo op...) instead of components that make up the conditions that cause the effect to happen.
Man, Chuck beat me to it. I'm reading along thinking of what I'll say, and there it is...

Well, I'll just add a bit then.

While it's important to see what happens to uke, don't get caught in that motion, try to see what nage did to affect uke in that way. Often people mistake the effect for the cause. Sometimes a very small movement on nage's part can cause a very large movement from uke, and vice versa.

And to steal a comment from an iaido instructor and friend, don't get caught by postures or moments of stillness. The essence of the techniques are not static, try to watch how someone moves from static position A to static position B, that's where the real meat of this stuff lives. In Iai you see this a lot. You will naturally end up in the right static posture if you move from A to B correctly, but simply having the right static posture does not mean that you are doing something correctly, you're just posing.

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