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Re: Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Akido,Etc;

Moses Powell was one of the legendary martial artists in the early days of martial arts in New York City. Back in the seventies you were expected to be able to fight. Crime was out of control and people went into a dojo to learn to defend themselves. If you wanted your school to stay open you had to be able to handle yourself. Guys from other schools would come in and challenge you and if you couldn't handle yourself, no one wanted to train with you.

Moses Powell should have been famous in aiki circles. It is rather tragic, in my opinion, that he is barely known. He went off in a direction that isolated him from the larger community, became a body guard and trainer for security for Lewis Farakhan and the Nation of Islam. Later he fell in with some questionable companions and was off in Central America doing security training for some folks who needed serious security. All of this took him out of the main stream and he more less dropped out of site.

But the man's ability was unquestionable. If your interest is in street application of Aikido, then you should check these folks out. This is not the aiki dance crowd. Unfortunately Powell Sensei died a few years back. But there are some folks out there who trained with him for several decades and the are very good. There are some videos available of Powell Sensei, although I think they are only in VHS.

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