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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I wrote a piece a while back about whether there was really anything we could really call Aikido. It might be relevant to the discussion on some level...
Thank you George,
I like the essay, while I wondered, what it helps us inthis particular question.

Only after Larry's comment, that I see, it matches perfectly.

Ueshiba M. called his first book about techniques Budo, not aiki(ju)jutsu, not aiki-budo, not aikido, as that name was invented later. While he taught some, probably a lot of techniques, I do not heard him telling his students, that specific techniques are not aikido or that whatever one does is not aikido unless you do a specific technique (except ikkyo probably, but that could be just have been taken as one example).

If there is only "budo" and not different types of budo (I refer to the little part I understood from Saotome's lectures), and budo is the Path of Protection, where is exact border to call something aikido or not. If we cannot find it in technique, can we find it beyond technique - with or without?

Nevertheless there are things out there, I would not call something I could see aikido in. That are paths, which use the same techniques, we do, and paths without techniques. And while something without physical training could be some optional complement to physical aikido, it would not be sufficient for "my aikido".

best regards

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