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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

...I think if we become too general in our definitions in the end we define nothing
nice post Larry, although I'd claim only shodothugs should qualify wrt judo as they're the nasty types who embrace external competition.

I'd actually go one stage further here. If you never practice the physical aspect of aikido, why bother calling what you're doing aikido?

I can understand people using examples of non-physical interactions to promote aikido, even using the term "that's true aikido" as a high compliment (if somewhat biased and a bit arrogant to my mind). However, why anyone who embodies such a "spiritual summit" would want to be associated with a bunch of badly dressed trannys is a bit beyond me. Anyway, if I didn't get to hit someone (in a nice harmonious way of course) my own spirit would reach a very great nadir rather quickly.
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