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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

At one level, I have to agree with Chris Li - on all his points. On another level, I do get where you are coming from Christian, but perhaps your position is based in large part upon the preservation of a training paradigm and this has you asking certain questions (coming up with certain answers) that someone else whose position is based upon the achievement of a goal wouldn't ask (or answer the same). For example, if Aikido is found within the training of Ikkyo, and only there, then one is going to ask, "How can you say you are doing Aikido, if you have never done Ikkyo." The obvious answer is going to be: "You can't." But, if you understand Aikido to not be limited to things like Ikkyo, all you are going to do is wonder how anyone could be thinking that doing Ikkyo is practicing Aikido.

For me, I like to make use of Ikkyo (i.e. Aikido's training paradigm), but I do not limit myself to Ikkyo because I hold Aikido to more than Ikkyo - in the same way that Spirit is more than religion, in the same way that an arm-bar is more than Ikkyo, etc. To borrow a metaphor again, Ikkyo is the vessel; Aikido is the other shore. Some might be threatened by this, or some might feel that there is a lot at risk in such a view, particularly over the LOSS OF IKKYO. Additionally, some might think this is crazy since there is nothing beyond Ikkyo (which leads one to a very difficult time in defining and contrasting Aikido with other arts). However, for me, this is not the case. That vessel is pretty damn important, as it can get me to the other shore. I do not need it to be the only boat in the world for me to keep it important and/or for me to make use of it. So, I talk like I talk, but I do a hell of a lot of Ikkyo.


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