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Re: Poll: Would you consider aikido without a physical practice component to still be

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Now we're getting into a "you first" thing...
Well, I can't comment on a question unless you ask it - and you say that you don't really know what Aikido is, so I'm not sure what you're asking...

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
I think one of the areas of confusion here is that (as I've stated elsewhere)I believe the goal is not a defining feature of a budo. Most true budo aim to achieve the same higher goals, so therefore I consider the path (michi) to be the defining characteristic of any art. It names a road, not a town.
Maybe that's a difference in concept with Morihei Ueshiba.

So in your view, Nishio, Saito and Yamaguchi all practiced different martial arts?



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